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About Catering With A Flair
  Our catering company started with our passion for entertaining. At first just dinners for friends, then birthdays and parties and over the last 30 years we've grown into a full service event management company. We still do small elegant dinners, birthdays etc.But in addition, we now do weddings, tents, rentals, flowers...the works. 
  Whatever your particular wants and needs, just let us know and we'll cater a party, dinner or event to your exact specifications.Our goal is to please you and your palette. We provide cheerful, professional service, and leave your home clean and beautiful. We hand wash all china, crystal and silver and return it to it's place. As an extra bonus the fridge may have some leftover goodies inside for your enjoyment the next day.
Baby Lamb chops with mint sauce garnished with fresh parsley from the garden.
Flowers for all occasions
We can design and arrange your planters for any inside or outside occasion. 
We'll take all the stress out of your party plans. Beauty and ease is our secret.
Contact Us: 484-678-5887
Poached salmon and dill sauce on elegant platters we provide.
Everybody gets to dance
Pots can be moved anywhere to provide color