Contact us: 484-678-5887
We take housitting to a whole new level. We care for your pets, your garden and address all your individual needs. We will set up an appointment to help you in whatever way possible. We will provide transportation to and from the airport, stock your refrigerator when you return, and care for your garden as if it were our own. 
​Cooking...Chores...and More.
We care for the pots on the terrace, and the vegetable garden, too.
            We even feed the foxes
 Photo courtesy of Steve Berkowitz
Contact Us: 484-678-5887
Our dogs love to walk and swim.
Our horse love baths, and a drink, too.
Who says we can't go 4-wheeling.
Whatever your gardening/house/pet needs we will provide excellent service.
                 Contact Us:
Whatever your individual needs. 
Fresh herbs for your cooking pleasure.
Sometimes the flowers go wild.
Whatever the weather the animals get fed and loved.
I'm following you really think those geese will wait for us....?
I'm a big dog too, watching dog!
Can't a cat get a little sleep around here?????
I was born ready!
Jedi watches the jumpers at Devon
And gorgeous pots for the terrace.
Contact us: 484-678-5887
The begiinings of the garden last year.
And then it grew as summer progressed.
Making pots can be really fun!
Roses can be easy and fun.
Begonias are a beautiful color.