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Wayfarer at National Horse show in Harrisburg. 4 year old gelding ready to go to Florida. Courtesy of Whizard's Lair Farm and their breeding program.

Everybody works together to bring you the best horses and the best experience possible. Whatever you want, we can make it happen.
We teach and train and rehabilitate horses.
Teaching horse and rider to trust in one another is a special gift in itself. When horses soar and people of all ages smile, it brings a very special life to the task. We all work together to build that confidence in horse and rider so they can really have fun, succeed and excel.This is our passion. People of all ages can teach and help each other.
Contact us: 484-678-5887
River Hills Foxhounds
Congratulations to Melissa Gartland and Go For Broke at The National Horse Show at Harrisburg, representing River Hills Foxhounds.

And then it snowed...and snowed...and snowed.
River hills:dressed for The National Horse Show
We teach all disciplines and all levels
Gopher enjoying his bath
Congratulations to Cathy and Dutchess in their 2nd place finish....well done!
Congratulations to Sarah and Sir Toughy. Fix It Farm homebred.

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Contact us:484-678-5887
We do combined training too.
Into the woods....
And back out again!
Go Santa Claus!
Go gopher!!!